Listening – Important thing in Customer Service 

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” — John C. Maxwell

Customer service is a personal exchange between two individuals. It’s not necessarily one person helping the other as much as it is two people working toward a shared goal to resolve some sort of problem.

In a customer service situation, you are the expert in problem-solving in the domain of IT. The person coming to you is the expert in his or her problem, which lies in a different domain. They know what it feels like, why it’s important, and how urgent it is. They’ll know what it means to resolve it, and whether or not certain solutions are acceptable. What they want most is for you to care about it as much as they do, and then to use your expertise to help them. Stepping back to see this larger picture is essential for you as a truly effective, collaborative, problem-solving partner.

Once you have the benefit of that perspective, you can guide the process effectively, building their trust and confidence in you and in the process. You can become the person who understands, cares, and can really help.

Your first goal in any customer service situation is to listen — carefully, completely, and compassionately.


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