Importance of Testing

In the today’s fast growing world of the Internet customer wants to get products to be implemented and updated faster than their competitors. Customer want more for software releases with new features to be implemented in short time frame (as early as possible), but they don’t like to work with defected software. As next version of the product will releases in next few days, & gets only a couple of days of testing before it is shipped. So due to this short time frame or continuous releases the more bugs gets piled up into the products and which gets fixed in the next release, correct? Yes definitely, this model has its own problems. Releasing such software with so many bugs into it may affects the user experience which makes bad impact on quality impression of your company brand. They will remember about the delivered bad quality product, so there will be Importance of testing which makes vital role in SDLC.

Usually software testing is considered as one phase of the software development life cycle. There’s something to be said for including testing in all phases, however. Let’s take a look at what the advantages are and how this approach could improve your software development. Software Testing is the process of finding bugs in the software & make the software bug free.

In the software development life cycle(SDLC) the Testing is plays an importance role, which helps to improve the quality, reliability & performance of the system with all check what all functions software supposed to do & also check that Software is not doing what he not supposed to do.

There are major Importance of testing in the part of SDLC and it is better to introduce testing in the early stage of SDLC phases so it help to identify the defects in the early stage & try to avoid the bugs finding & get resolve in the last critical stage.

We can take other simpler examples to clear why testing is important. In the Bank software think if showing zero instead of thousand in the balance amount field due to bug in the banking software or in the student mark sheet student got good mark but system showing the incorrect results due to bug in the student result software. If software will show some error message or notification instead of wrong result in case of system error that could be better option to use.

In our first example, if system displays error message like “Due to some unexpected error unable to show your balance.” so this will be better option instead of showing zero balance. For the second message if system displays an error message like “Unexpected error occurred so unable to Print mark sheet.” will be better option instead of showing incorrect marks. So testing plays a vital role in the SDLC & by introducing testing in early stage will avoid these situations from implementing.

So, in the testing we try to make the software defect free. In the testing process may not fix the entire defect present in the software application or it we cannot say it as software application is 100% error free but taking one step ahead to doing this & provide user friendliness. What is Importance of Testing?

Let’s take a look of advantages of software testing in the Software Development Life Cycle:

Testing should be introduce in the early stage of the SDLC, The cost of fixing the bug is larger if testing is not done in early stage & bugs found in later stages. In the today’s competitive market only the quality product stays longtime firmly, so to make sure the produce the good quality product the testing of application is key factor in SDLC. As it not possible makes it software application is defect free but testing will be necessary. Most important thing of testing is the development environment is different than the Testing environment and the testing done on testing environment is similar to the Production environment.

In other words, while developing the application the developer may be using Internet Explorer browser but it might be possible that actual user is using different browsers. So in the testing of application, in the browser compatibility testing (depends on client browser Requirements) may get issues if any & gets cleared before moving into production. So this case the tester is playing a role of End Users.

After all for growth of any business the most important user satisfaction & testing plays a key role in to make this happen. But to make this happen you have to plan it properly before executing it. In the “Test Planning” we can cover how to m

ake planning to test the software application effectively & more efficiently.


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