The 4 Most Important Skills for a Software Developer

With the vast array of technology, language and platform choices available today, it can be very difficult to figure out where to best invest time in training your skills as a software developer. I’m often asked advice on how to be a better programmer. Most often the question someone asks is based on whether or... Continue Reading →


Six Questions to Set proper context for a project discussion.

1.Why are we discussing this? You’ve been examining the issue in detail for a long time in preparation for the meeting. Everyone else—even the person who originally put the item on the agenda—has moved on to other things while you were doing that work. Right up front, you’ll need to refresh their memories by providing... Continue Reading →

Good Customer Service – IT Problem Handling Technic.

​Gathering the right information is the key to adopting the appropriate perspective as well as assembling all of the clues needed to define and solve the problem at hand. Here’s where your personal customer service interaction gets tactical. Three specific techniques will prove most useful for this exchange: Determine goals. The mechanics of the issue... Continue Reading →

6 Things that should be taken care in Project meetings

1.Everybody speaks. Don’t let anyone sit idle for the entire meeting. Encourage contributions by adopting an open tone, being supportive, and directly soliciting input from individuals. Show that everyone can contribute – and that everyone is expected to contribute. 2.Preparation is key. Somebody needs to prepare the main content of the meeting to ensure its... Continue Reading →

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