Importance of Testing

In the today’s fast growing world of the Internet customer wants to get products to be implemented and updated faster than their competitors. Customer want more for software releases with new features to be implemented in short time frame (as early as possible), but they don’t like to work with defected software. As next version... Continue Reading →


10 Logo Design Tips for a Timeless and Creative Logo

So, are you designing a logo? Alright! That sounds awesome, doesn’t it? And easy too! Really? Did we just say “easy”? If you think logo design is an easy process, trust me, that’s a misconception. To begin with, a logo is not merely some colors, fonts and fancy lines put together. It is a brand’s... Continue Reading →

Good Customer Service – IT Problem Handling Technic.

​Gathering the right information is the key to adopting the appropriate perspective as well as assembling all of the clues needed to define and solve the problem at hand. Here’s where your personal customer service interaction gets tactical. Three specific techniques will prove most useful for this exchange: Determine goals. The mechanics of the issue... Continue Reading →

6 Things that should be taken care in Project meetings

1.Everybody speaks. Don’t let anyone sit idle for the entire meeting. Encourage contributions by adopting an open tone, being supportive, and directly soliciting input from individuals. Show that everyone can contribute – and that everyone is expected to contribute. 2.Preparation is key. Somebody needs to prepare the main content of the meeting to ensure its... Continue Reading →

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